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Hey! I'm mathgeniuszach, and over time I've put together various tools and mods for a variety of games and projects, I've worked on everything from web scraping and preservation to C# and Java modding. I like to hop around a lot between communities as things interest me here and there. If you have any neat ideas, let me know on my Discord!

This is an exhaustive list of all my most notable projects. To see a more organized portfolio of the work, click on one of the categories below:


Each project on this page has a three letter code at the start that explains what it is:

Active Projects

Projects I am actively working on. Suggest ideas and report bugs!

Semi-Active Projects

Projects I am not actively working on, but am still maintaining. Report bugs, and pull request features if you like!

Old Projects

Projects I haven't worked on for a while.

Discontinued Projects

Projects I have canceled all future work on. Feel free to fork or remake.

Cool Stuff

This is some cool stuff that I use or have been involved with in the past, but didn't make. Check them out!