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I like to explore and experiment in a variety of different communities as I play games, come up with ideas, and accept suggestions. In addition to the various unpublished scripts and projects on my computer, I also have many other interesting published projects that are too unique to fit in other portfolio pages. This page serves as a overview of some of my other projects.

I also do commission work on some rare occasions, depending on my mood and when people have a desire for it. If you're browsing feel free to send me a message on Discord if you have an interesting concept.

Open Source in General

In case it wasn't already clear, I love contributing to and using open source projects. I particularly appreciate FOSS and the spirit of open source. There's a big difference between having a creating a license that explicitly allows for distribution and just having the code for your project public. I wrote a presentation on Open Source in general with slides you can find here.

Dyson Sphere Program

One of the games in my Steam library that I played a few times is called Dyson Sphere Program, which is an interstellar-factory-oriented sandbox game based around the concept of building a Dyson Sphere. The game was fun, but I found the default controls AND the screen for remapping controls to be really irritating to work with. After learning about how the community developed the ability to mod any Unity / XNA game, I wanted to make a mod to fix this.

The mod I ended up creating is called Better Controls, which lets you remap controls you previously couldn't remap before (like the open inventory key), remap controls to keys that conflict with other controls (as well as displaying conflicts in red), and remap controls that could only use mouse buttons to other buttons now as well. It's not a flawless solution, but it works really well for most use cases.

The mod is available on Thunderstore, the largest small-game mod database and API, with (at the time or writing) over 70 different games (and growing) supported. r2modman is the app I use to manage mods for my games that use Thunderstore, and I think it's the best app for this purpose.


A while ago I helped with a project called PixelVision8, a Fantasy Console meant to simulate the experience of games from the 8-bit era with all the development tools available to the modern era. I first discovered it when looking for 8-bit game engines like Pico8 that were fully open source.

The public contributions I made to this project mainly came in the form of sound-engine tweaks. In addition to making some tweaks to the music editor, the music playback system had a strange playback error that caused the rhythm of all music to occur slightly off and at a lower tempo. After navigating around the code for a few hours, I discovered that the rhythm of all music was hardcoded in swing timing, where the first of every two beats was slightly shorter than the second. I scored an 100$ bounty by submitting a fix for this issue.

Userscripts & Extensions

I usually write userscripts (little pieces of code that modify websites you visit) to remove extra ads (I have an ad-blocker but it's not perfect) or to automate simple tasks (like clicking the "login" button on my school's blackboard page). One example is the script I wrote a while ago while I was using an online tool known as bingosync. I wanted to be able to just copy-and-paste data from various tables (excel or web-tables) directly into the tool; however, bingosync only accepts JSON-formatted data. To solve this problem, I wrote a small userscript called ttb.user.js, which automatically converts pasted data from any tables in tsv format into JSON-formatted data.

I also wrote an extension for VSCode for a niche programming language called Stonescript (the programming language for Stone Story RPG). This assisted me nicely when I was writing scripts for that game initially, but it has since been replaced by another plugin with significantly more features.