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Be Patient

Although it is rarer than some other problems I see happen in text chats, occasionally I'll see people send a sequence of messages like this, all within a few minutes of each other:

Hey I need help with ___. Not sure what the issue is. Can someone help me?

Hello, can anyone help me?


@ImportantPerson I need help please

@everyone I need help please someone help me

People aren't always available to respond to your message immediately, and you shouldn't expect them to. Sometimes people live in a different time-zone from you and are sleeping. Sometimes people are trying to figure out how to best respond to you. Sometimes people are doing something more important at the moment and you decided to selfishly ping @everyone without regard for their feelings.

For starters, be patient with people. Wait for at least an hour, or for your message to get lost in a chat, before even sending a follow-up. The exception is if you feel the need to provide more direct or specific info in another message. Also, avoid pinging people unless your issue is something extremely important (and never ping @everyone for any reason unless you're a moderator).