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Origins - Do Research

Most of the questions I see when helping with origins creation follow this format:

How do I make a power that {on condition} does {superpower}

How do I make an origin?

Most of these questions are very well formatted, specific, and direct, although some are not. The more pressing issue with these questions are that they show you didn't do enough research about making origins to know what conditions or power types you have at your disposal.

The solution? Do research! Explore every nook and cranny of The Official Origins Wiki. In specific, the Power Types page and the Entity Condition Types pages will be most useful to you. Simply combine the power of an entity condition to say WHEN a power should be activated, and a power type to say WHAT the power should do. Once you get a hang of using the wiki, building origins should be just as easy as connecting two lego blocks together.

Remember, doing research just having the patience to click through a bunch of links and look at them fully. It has nothing to do with your ability.